Jewish Year 5765
September 2004 - October 2005

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Jewish Calendar

A lunar calendar with dates known for centuries ahead. Years begin in principle with the day following a mean (but very accurate over the long term) new moon, but are often delayed by a day or two so as to avoid beginning on certain days of the week. An extra month is added in seven out of every nineteen years, to keep the months roughly in line with the seasons. Unfortunately, over the long term, this adjustment isn’t accurate, and the New Year will gradually happen later and later, relative to the equinox. Days begin at sunset, on the evening before the Gregorian date given, so that the date shown is that of the daytime period. The holy day is Saturday.

Tishri 5765
16 September - 15 October 2004

01Thu16 SepRosh Hashanah16Fri01 Oct 
02Fri17 Sep 17Sat02 Oct 
03Sat18 Sep 18Sun03 Oct 
04Sun19 SepFast of Gedaliah19Mon04 Oct 
05Mon20 Sep 20Tue05 Oct 
06Tue21 Sep 21Wed06 OctHoshanah Rabba
07Wed22 Sep 22Thu07 Oct 
08Thu23 Sep 23Fri08 OctSimchat Torah
09Fri24 Sep 24Sat09 Oct 
10Sat25 SepYom Kippur25Sun10 Oct 
11Sun26 Sep 26Mon11 Oct 
12Mon27 Sep 27Tue12 Oct 
13Tue28 Sep 28Wed13 Oct 
14Wed29 Sep 29Thu14 Oct 
15Thu30 Sepstart of Sukkot30Fri15 OctRosh Hodesh


Heshvan 5765
16 October - 13 November 2004

01Sat16 OctRosh Hodesh16Sun31 Oct 
02Sun17 Oct 17Mon01 Nov 
03Mon18 Oct 18Tue02 Nov 
04Tue19 Oct 19Wed03 Nov 
05Wed20 Oct 20Thu04 Nov 
06Thu21 Oct 21Fri05 Nov 
07Fri22 Oct 22Sat06 Nov 
08Sat23 Oct 23Sun07 Nov 
09Sun24 Oct 24Mon08 Nov 
10Mon25 Oct 25Tue09 Nov 
11Tue26 Oct 26Wed10 Nov 
12Wed27 Oct 27Thu11 Nov 
13Thu28 Oct 28Fri12 Nov 
14Fri29 Oct 29Sat13 Nov 
15Sat30 Oct     


Kislev 5765
14 November - 12 December 2004

01Sun14 NovRosh Hodesh,
Rosh Hodesh
16Mon29 Nov 
02Mon15 Nov 17Tue30 Nov 
03Tue16 Nov 18Wed01 Dec 
04Wed17 Nov 19Thu02 Dec 
05Thu18 Nov 20Fri03 Dec 
06Fri19 Nov 21Sat04 Dec 
07Sat20 Nov 22Sun05 Dec 
08Sun21 Nov 23Mon06 Dec 
09Mon22 Nov 24Tue07 Dec 
10Tue23 Nov 25Wed08 Decstart of Hanukkah
11Wed24 Nov 26Thu09 Dec 
12Thu25 Nov 27Fri10 Dec 
13Fri26 Nov 28Sat11 Dec 
14Sat27 Nov 29Sun12 Dec 
15Sun28 Nov     


Tevet 5765
13 December 2004 - 10 January 2005

01Mon13 DecRosh Hodesh,
Rosh Hodesh
16Tue28 Dec 
02Tue14 Dec 17Wed29 Dec 
03Wed15 Dec 18Thu30 Dec 
04Thu16 Dec 19Fri31 Dec 
05Fri17 Dec 20Sat01 Jan 
06Sat18 Dec 21Sun02 Jan 
07Sun19 Dec 22Mon03 Jan 
08Mon20 Dec 23Tue04 Jan 
09Tue21 Dec 24Wed05 Jan 
10Wed22 DecFast of Tevet25Thu06 Jan 
11Thu23 Dec 26Fri07 Jan 
12Fri24 Dec 27Sat08 Jan 
13Sat25 Dec 28Sun09 Jan 
14Sun26 Dec 29Mon10 Jan 
15Mon27 Dec     


Shevat 5765
11 January - 09 February 2005

01Tue11 JanRosh Hodesh16Wed26 Jan 
02Wed12 Jan 17Thu27 Jan 
03Thu13 Jan 18Fri28 Jan 
04Fri14 Jan 19Sat29 Jan 
05Sat15 Jan 20Sun30 Jan 
06Sun16 Jan 21Mon31 Jan 
07Mon17 Jan 22Tue01 Feb 
08Tue18 Jan 23Wed02 Feb 
09Wed19 Jan 24Thu03 Feb 
10Thu20 Jan 25Fri04 Feb 
11Fri21 Jan 26Sat05 Feb 
12Sat22 Jan 27Sun06 Feb 
13Sun23 Jan 28Mon07 Feb 
14Mon24 Jan 29Tue08 Feb 
15Tue25 JanTu B’Shevat30Wed09 FebRosh Hodesh


Adar I 5765
10 February - 11 March 2005

01Thu10 FebRosh Hodesh16Fri25 Feb 
02Fri11 Feb 17Sat26 Feb 
03Sat12 Feb 18Sun27 Feb 
04Sun13 Feb 19Mon28 Feb 
05Mon14 Feb 20Tue01 Mar 
06Tue15 Feb 21Wed02 Mar 
07Wed16 Feb 22Thu03 Mar 
08Thu17 Feb 23Fri04 Mar 
09Fri18 Feb 24Sat05 Mar 
10Sat19 Feb 25Sun06 Mar 
11Sun20 Feb 26Mon07 Mar 
12Mon21 Feb 27Tue08 Mar 
13Tue22 Feb 28Wed09 Mar 
14Wed23 Feb 29Thu10 Mar 
15Thu24 Feb 30Fri11 MarRosh Hodesh


Adar II 5765
12 March - 09 April 2005

01Sat12 MarRosh Hodesh16Sun27 MarShushan Purim
02Sun13 Mar 17Mon28 Mar 
03Mon14 Mar 18Tue29 Mar 
04Tue15 Mar 19Wed30 Mar 
05Wed16 Mar 20Thu31 Mar 
06Thu17 Mar 21Fri01 Apr 
07Fri18 Mar 22Sat02 Apr 
08Sat19 Mar 23Sun03 Apr 
09Sun20 Mar 24Mon04 Apr 
10Mon21 Mar 25Tue05 Apr 
11Tue22 Mar 26Wed06 Apr 
12Wed23 Mar 27Thu07 Apr 
13Thu24 MarFast of Esther28Fri08 Apr 
14Fri25 MarPurim29Sat09 Apr 
15Sat26 Mar     


Nisan 5765
10 April - 09 May 2005

01Sun10 AprRosh Hodesh16Mon25 Apr 
02Mon11 Apr 17Tue26 Apr 
03Tue12 Apr 18Wed27 Apr 
04Wed13 Apr 19Thu28 Apr 
05Thu14 Apr 20Fri29 Apr 
06Fri15 Apr 21Sat30 Apr 
07Sat16 Apr 22Sun01 May 
08Sun17 Apr 23Mon02 May 
09Mon18 Apr 24Tue03 May 
10Tue19 Apr 25Wed04 May 
11Wed20 Apr 26Thu05 May 
12Thu21 Apr 27Fri06 MayYom ha-Shoah: Holocaust Memorial Day
13Fri22 Apr 28Sat07 May 
14Sat23 Apr 29Sun08 May 
15Sun24 Aprstart of Passover30Mon09 MayRosh Hodesh


Iyyar 5765
10 May - 07 June 2005

01Tue10 MayRosh Hodesh16Wed25 May 
02Wed11 MayYom ha-Zikkaron: Israel Memorial Day17Thu26 May 
03Thu12 May 18Fri27 MayLag B’Omer
04Fri13 May 19Sat28 May 
05Sat14 May 20Sun29 May 
06Sun15 May 21Mon30 May 
07Mon16 May 22Tue31 May 
08Tue17 May 23Wed01 Jun 
09Wed18 May 24Thu02 Jun 
10Thu19 May 25Fri03 Jun 
11Fri20 May 26Sat04 Jun 
12Sat21 May 27Sun05 Jun 
13Sun22 May 28Mon06 Jun 
14Mon23 May 29Tue07 Jun 
15Tue24 May     


Sivan 5765
08 June - 07 July 2005

01Wed08 JunRosh Hodesh16Thu23 Jun 
02Thu09 Jun 17Fri24 Jun 
03Fri10 Jun 18Sat25 Jun 
04Sat11 Jun 19Sun26 Jun 
05Sun12 Jun 20Mon27 Jun 
06Mon13 JunShavuot21Tue28 Jun 
07Tue14 Jun 22Wed29 Jun 
08Wed15 Jun 23Thu30 Jun 
09Thu16 Jun 24Fri01 Jul 
10Fri17 Jun 25Sat02 Jul 
11Sat18 Jun 26Sun03 Jul 
12Sun19 Jun 27Mon04 Jul 
13Mon20 Jun 28Tue05 Jul 
14Tue21 Jun 29Wed06 Jul 
15Wed22 Jun 30Thu07 JulRosh Hodesh


Tammuz 5765
08 July - 05 August 2005

01Fri08 JulRosh Hodesh16Sat23 Jul 
02Sat09 Jul 17Sun24 JulFast of Tammuz
03Sun10 Jul 18Mon25 Jul 
04Mon11 Jul 19Tue26 Jul 
05Tue12 Jul 20Wed27 Jul 
06Wed13 Jul 21Thu28 Jul 
07Thu14 Jul 22Fri29 Jul 
08Fri15 Jul 23Sat30 Jul 
09Sat16 Jul 24Sun31 Jul 
10Sun17 Jul 25Mon01 Aug 
11Mon18 Jul 26Tue02 Aug 
12Tue19 Jul 27Wed03 Aug 
13Wed20 Jul 28Thu04 Aug 
14Thu21 Jul 29Fri05 Aug 
15Fri22 Jul     


Av 5765
06 August - 04 September 2005

01Sat06 AugRosh Hodesh16Sun21 Aug 
02Sun07 Aug 17Mon22 Aug 
03Mon08 Aug 18Tue23 Aug 
04Tue09 Aug 19Wed24 Aug 
05Wed10 Aug 20Thu25 Aug 
06Thu11 Aug 21Fri26 Aug 
07Fri12 Aug 22Sat27 Aug 
08Sat13 Aug 23Sun28 Aug 
09Sun14 AugFast of Av24Mon29 Aug 
10Mon15 Aug 25Tue30 Aug 
11Tue16 Aug 26Wed31 Aug 
12Wed17 Aug 27Thu01 Sep 
13Thu18 Aug 28Fri02 Sep 
14Fri19 Aug 29Sat03 Sep 
15Sat20 Aug 30Sun04 SepRosh Hodesh


Elul 5765
05 September - 03 October 2005

01Mon05 SepRosh Hodesh16Tue20 Sep 
02Tue06 Sep 17Wed21 Sep 
03Wed07 Sep 18Thu22 Sep 
04Thu08 Sep 19Fri23 Sep 
05Fri09 Sep 20Sat24 Sep 
06Sat10 Sep 21Sun25 Sep 
07Sun11 Sep 22Mon26 Sep 
08Mon12 Sep 23Tue27 Sep 
09Tue13 Sep 24Wed28 Sep 
10Wed14 Sep 25Thu29 Sep 
11Thu15 Sep 26Fri30 Sep 
12Fri16 Sep 27Sat01 Oct 
13Sat17 Sep 28Sun02 Oct 
14Sun18 Sep 29Mon03 Oct 
15Mon19 Sep     

updated Tevet 5764 / January 2004