Julian Year 2005
with the Gregorian Calendar
Orthodox Christian Festivals

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Julian Calendar with Gregorian Calendar
Orthodox Christian dates

The Julian Calendar was instituted by Julius Caesar in Rome in the year now known as 46 BCE, and is the basis for the modern Gregorian Calendar used almost worldwide. As set up by Caesar, 25 March was to be the Spring Equinox. The year was to be 365 days long, with a leap year of 366 days every four years. It gradually came to be recognised that the year was slightly too long: about one day too many every 128 years, and the seasons were apparently starting earlier and earlier.

This was a particular problem for the dating of Easter: the Ecumenical Council of Nicaea in 325 CE had come up with a unified calculation for the date of Easter, based on defining the Equinox as 21 March, which was the usual date for it at that time. Of course, the Equinox stepped ever earlier, and by the sixteenth century usually fell on 11 March, while the Church was still celebrating Easter on the Sunday following the Full Moon on or after 21 March. Easter was wandering into the summer, and this was felt inappropriate. An even worse problem was that the table of dates of New Moons (and thus Full Moons) also relied on this inaccurate calendar, and New Moons began to be observed much earlier than the Church expected.

After a series of false starts, the calendar was reformed: leap years were to be suppressed in three out of four century years (1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2200, 2300, 2500, etc), and a new and pretty accurate lunar calendar was devised: the system of Golden Numbers and Epacts that is the Gregorian Lunar Calendar. The new Gregorian Calendar was first used in 1582 by the Roman Catholic Church, and in some Catholic countries. Gradually the calendar spread throughout Europe and the world, being accepted eventually by Britain and its then colonies in 1752.

After the First World War, the revolutionary Soviet Union, along with newly liberated Greece and Yugoslavia at last adopted the Gregorian Calendar. The calendar was debated by the Orthodox Churches in 1923, at an Inter-Orthodox congress in Constantinople (now Istanbul). The Greek and Syrian Churches (‘New Calendarists’), among others, decided to use the new calendar, but continue to this day to celebrate Easter according to the old one. The Russian and Serbian Churches (‘Old Calendarists’) use the old calendar for everything, and so for instance currently celebrate Christmas on Gregorian 7 January, whereas the Greek Church celebrates it on Gregorian 25 December along with most of the rest of Christendom. So far, only the Finnish Orthodox Church has completely adopted the new calendar. See more about this in an article by Lewis Patsavos, and about proposals for a united date of Easter.

Here then are the Julian months along with Gregorian dates; Sundays and important religious festivals are shown, and also the Christian-related date Clean Monday that is a public holiday in Greece.

Julian January 2005

  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists
01Fri14 Jan  17Sun30 JanPentecost 35Pentecost 35
02Sat15 Jan  18Mon31 Jan  
03Sun16 JanPentecost 33Sunday before the Lights19Tue01 Feb  
04Mon17 Jan  20Wed02 FebHypapante 
05Tue18 Jan  21Thu03 Feb  
06Wed19 Jan Epiphany22Fri04 Feb  
07Thu20 Jan  23Sat05 Feb  
08Fri21 Jan  24Sun06 FebPentecost 36Pentecost 36
09Sat22 Jan  25Mon07 Feb  
10Sun23 JanPentecost 34Sunday after the Lights26Tue08 Feb  
11Mon24 Jan  27Wed09 Feb  
12Tue25 Jan  28Thu10 Feb  
13Wed26 Jan  29Fri11 Feb  
14Thu27 Jan  30Sat12 Feb  
15Fri28 Jan  31Sun13 FebPentecost 37Pentecost 37
16Sat29 Jan      


Julian February 2005

  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists
01Mon14 Feb  15Mon28 Feb  
02Tue15 Feb Hypapante16Tue01 Mar  
03Wed16 Feb  17Wed02 Mar  
04Thu17 Feb  18Thu03 Mar  
05Fri18 Feb  19Fri04 Mar  
06Sat19 Feb  20Sat05 Mar  
07Sun20 FebPublican & PhariseePublican & Pharisee21Sun06 MarAbstinence SundayAbstinence Sunday
08Mon21 Feb  22Mon07 Mar  
09Tue22 Feb  23Tue08 Mar  
10Wed23 Feb  24Wed09 Mar  
11Thu24 Feb  25Thu10 Mar  
12Fri25 Feb  26Fri11 Mar  
13Sat26 Feb  27Sat12 Mar  
14Sun27 FebProdigal SonProdigal Son28Sun13 MarCheese-eating SundayCheese-eating Sunday


Julian March 2005

  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists
01Mon14 MarClean Monday, GreeceClean Monday, Greece17Wed30 Mar  
02Tue15 Mar  18Thu31 Mar  
03Wed16 Mar  19Fri01 Apr  
04Thu17 Mar  20Sat02 Apr  
05Fri18 Mar  21Sun03 Apr3rd Sunday of the Fast3rd Sunday of the Fast
06Sat19 Mar  22Mon04 Apr  
07Sun20 MarOrthodoxy SundayOrthodoxy Sunday23Tue05 Apr  
08Mon21 Mar  24Wed06 Apr  
09Tue22 Mar  25Thu07 Apr Annunciation
10Wed23 Mar  26Fri08 Apr  
11Thu24 Mar  27Sat09 Apr  
12Fri25 MarAnnunciation 28Sun10 Apr4th Sunday of the Fast4th Sunday of the Fast
13Sat26 Mar  29Mon11 Apr  
14Sun27 Mar2nd Sunday of the Fast2nd Sunday of the Fast30Tue12 Apr  
15Mon28 Mar  31Wed13 Apr  
16Tue29 Mar      


Julian April 2005

  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists
01Thu14 Apr  16Fri29 AprGood FridayGood Friday
02Fri15 Apr  17Sat30 AprEaster EveEaster Eve
03Sat16 Apr  18Sun01 MayEaster / PaschaEaster / Pascha
04Sun17 Apr5th Sunday of the Fast5th Sunday of the Fast19Mon02 MayMonday of the RenewalMonday of the Renewal
05Mon18 Apr  20Tue03 MayTuesday of the RenewalTuesday of the Renewal
06Tue19 Apr  21Wed04 MayWednesday of the RenewalWednesday of the Renewal
07Wed20 Apr  22Thu05 MayThursday of the RenewalThursday of the Renewal
08Thu21 Apr  23Fri06 MayFriday of the RenewalFriday of the Renewal
09Fri22 Apr  24Sat07 MaySaturday of the RenewalSaturday of the Renewal
10Sat23 Apr  25Sun08 MayAntipaschaAntipascha
11Sun24 AprPalm SundayPalm Sunday26Mon09 May  
12Mon25 AprHoly & Great MondayHoly & Great Monday27Tue10 May  
13Tue26 AprHoly & Great TuesdayHoly & Great Tuesday28Wed11 May  
14Wed27 AprHoly & Great WednesdayHoly & Great Wednesday29Thu12 May  
15Thu28 AprHoly & Great ThursdayHoly & Great Thursday30Fri13 May  


Julian May 2005

  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists
01Sat14 May  17Mon30 May  
02Sun15 MaySunday of the Ointment BearersSunday of the Ointment Bearers18Tue31 May  
03Mon16 May  19Wed01 Jun  
04Tue17 May  20Thu02 Jun  
05Wed18 May  21Fri03 Jun  
06Thu19 May  22Sat04 Jun  
07Fri20 May  23Sun05 JunSunday of the Blind ManSunday of the Blind Man
08Sat21 May  24Mon06 Jun  
09Sun22 MaySunday of the ParalyticSunday of the Paralytic25Tue07 Jun  
10Mon23 May  26Wed08 Jun  
11Tue24 May  27Thu09 JunAscension DayAscension Day
12Wed25 May  28Fri10 Jun  
13Thu26 May  29Sat11 Jun  
14Fri27 May  30Sun12 JunSunday of the 318 Fathers of NicaeaSunday of the 318 Fathers of Nicaea
15Sat28 May  31Mon13 Jun  
16Sun29 MaySunday of the Samaritan WomanSunday of the Samaritan Woman    


Julian June 2005

  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists
01Tue14 Jun  16Wed29 JunSaints Peter & Paul 
02Wed15 Jun  17Thu30 Jun  
03Thu16 Jun  18Fri01 Jul  
04Fri17 Jun  19Sat02 Jul  
05Sat18 Jun  20Sun03 JulPentecost 2Pentecost 2
06Sun19 JunHoly PentecostHoly Pentecost21Mon04 Jul  
07Mon20 JunPentecost MondayPentecost Monday22Tue05 Jul  
08Tue21 Jun  23Wed06 Jul  
09Wed22 Jun  24Thu07 Jul  
10Thu23 Jun  25Fri08 Jul  
11Fri24 Jun  26Sat09 Jul  
12Sat25 Jun  27Sun10 JulPentecost 3Pentecost 3
13Sun26 JunAll Saints SundayAll Saints Sunday28Mon11 Jul  
14Mon27 JunStart of Fast of the ApostlesStart of Fast of the Apostles29Tue12 Jul Saints Peter & Paul
15Tue28 Jun  30Wed13 Jul  


Julian July 2005

  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists
01Thu14 Jul  17Sat30 Jul  
02Fri15 Jul  18Sun31 JulPentecost 6Pentecost 6
03Sat16 Jul  19Mon01 AugStart of Fast of the Repose 
04Sun17 JulPentecost 4Pentecost 420Tue02 Aug  
05Mon18 Jul  21Wed03 Aug  
06Tue19 Jul  22Thu04 Aug  
07Wed20 Jul  23Fri05 Aug  
08Thu21 Jul  24Sat06 AugTransfiguration 
09Fri22 Jul  25Sun07 AugPentecost 7Pentecost 7
10Sat23 Jul  26Mon08 Aug  
11Sun24 JulPentecost 5Pentecost 527Tue09 Aug  
12Mon25 Jul  28Wed10 Aug  
13Tue26 Jul  29Thu11 Aug  
14Wed27 Jul  30Fri12 Aug  
15Thu28 Jul  31Sat13 Aug  
16Fri29 Jul      


Julian August 2005

  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists
01Sun14 AugPentecost 8Pentecost 8,
Start of Fast of the Repose
17Tue30 Aug  
02Mon15 AugRepose of the Virgin Mary 18Wed31 Aug  
03Tue16 Aug  19Thu01 Sep  
04Wed17 Aug  20Fri02 Sep  
05Thu18 Aug  21Sat03 Sep  
06Fri19 Aug Transfiguration22Sun04 SepPentecost 11Pentecost 11
07Sat20 Aug  23Mon05 Sep  
08Sun21 AugPentecost 9Pentecost 924Tue06 Sep  
09Mon22 Aug  25Wed07 Sep  
10Tue23 Aug  26Thu08 SepNativity of the Virgin Mary 
11Wed24 Aug  27Fri09 Sep  
12Thu25 Aug  28Sat10 Sep  
13Fri26 Aug  29Sun11 SepSunday before the ExaltationPentecost 12
14Sat27 Aug  30Mon12 Sep  
15Sun28 AugPentecost 10Repose of the Virgin Mary31Tue13 Sep  
16Mon29 Aug      


Julian September 2005

  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists
01Wed14 SepExaltation of the Holy Cross 16Thu29 Sep  
02Thu15 Sep  17Fri30 Sep  
03Fri16 Sep  18Sat01 Oct  
04Sat17 Sep  19Sun02 OctPentecost 15Sunday after the Exaltation
05Sun18 SepSunday after the ExaltationPentecost 1320Mon03 Oct  
06Mon19 Sep  21Tue04 Oct  
07Tue20 Sep  22Wed05 Oct  
08Wed21 Sep Nativity of the Virgin Mary23Thu06 Oct  
09Thu22 Sep  24Fri07 Oct  
10Fri23 Sep  25Sat08 Oct  
11Sat24 Sep  26Sun09 OctPentecost 16Pentecost 16
12Sun25 SepPentecost 14Sunday before the Exaltation27Mon10 Oct  
13Mon26 Sep  28Tue11 Oct  
14Tue27 Sep Exaltation of the Holy Cross29Wed12 Oct  
15Wed28 Sep  30Thu13 Oct  


Julian October 2005

  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists
01Fri14 Oct  17Sun30 OctPentecost 19Pentecost 19
02Sat15 Oct  18Mon31 Oct  
03Sun16 OctPentecost 17Pentecost 1719Tue01 Nov  
04Mon17 Oct  20Wed02 Nov  
05Tue18 Oct  21Thu03 Nov  
06Wed19 Oct  22Fri04 Nov  
07Thu20 Oct  23Sat05 Nov  
08Fri21 Oct  24Sun06 NovPentecost 20Pentecost 20
09Sat22 Oct  25Mon07 Nov  
10Sun23 OctPentecost 18Pentecost 1826Tue08 Nov  
11Mon24 Oct  27Wed09 Nov  
12Tue25 Oct  28Thu10 Nov  
13Wed26 Oct  29Fri11 Nov  
14Thu27 Oct  30Sat12 Nov  
15Fri28 Oct  31Sun13 NovPentecost 21Pentecost 21
16Sat29 Oct      


Julian November 2005

  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists
01Mon14 Nov  16Tue29 Nov  
02Tue15 NovStart of Christmas Fast 17Wed30 Nov  
03Wed16 Nov  18Thu01 Dec  
04Thu17 Nov  19Fri02 Dec  
05Fri18 Nov  20Sat03 Dec  
06Sat19 Nov  21Sun04 DecPentecost 24Presentation of Mary
07Sun20 NovPentecost 22Pentecost 2222Mon05 Dec  
08Mon21 NovPresentation of Mary 23Tue06 Dec  
09Tue22 Nov  24Wed07 Dec  
10Wed23 Nov  25Thu08 Dec  
11Thu24 Nov  26Fri09 Dec  
12Fri25 Nov  27Sat10 Dec  
13Sat26 Nov  28Sun11 DecSunday of the Holy ForefathersPentecost 25
14Sun27 NovPentecost 23Pentecost 2329Mon12 Dec  
15Mon28 Nov Start of Christmas Fast30Tue13 Dec  


Julian December 2005

  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists  GregorianNew CalendaristsOld Calendarists
01Wed14 Dec  17Fri30 Dec  
02Thu15 Dec  18Sat31 Dec  
03Fri16 Dec  19Sun01 JanSunday after the NativitySunday before Nativity
04Sat17 Dec  20Mon02 Jan  
05Sun18 DecSunday before NativityPentecost 2621Tue03 Jan  
06Mon19 Dec  22Wed04 Jan  
07Tue20 Dec  23Thu05 Jan  
08Wed21 Dec  24Fri06 JanEpiphany 
09Thu22 Dec  25Sat07 Jan Christmas
10Fri23 Dec  26Sun08 JanSunday after the LightsSunday after the Nativity
11Sat24 Dec  27Mon09 Jan  
12Sun25 DecChristmasSunday of the Holy Forefathers28Tue10 Jan  
13Mon26 Dec  29Wed11 Jan  
14Tue27 Dec  30Thu12 Jan  
15Wed28 Dec  31Fri13 Jan  
16Thu29 Dec