Gregorian Lunar Calendar 2003/04
Western Christian festivals and Sundays
November 2003 - December 2004

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Gregorian Lunar Calendar

It is a little-known fact that the Gregorian calendar reform set up a fully functioning lunar calendar, though it did not specify names for the months, perhaps because most feast days are kept according to the solar calendar. So, here the name Paschal Moon is used for the month containing Easter, the centre of the whole calendar, and the other months are numbered relative to the Paschal Moon. Below this in most cases are suggestions for month names, based on liturgical seasons, and on saints whose days always, or almost always, fall in that particular month. Climatic seasons are avoided because they vary across our planet. If you know of Christian lunar month names already in use, or have suggestions of your own, do share them for posting on this page. Although these lunar months are not used apart from the calculation of Easter, it is interesting to see the Christian cycle shown in their context. 12 or 13 months are shown in such a way that the whole of the liturgical year is covered.

Alongside Sundays and other important Christian dates are saints’ days that are especially celebrated in particular countries, and are often public holidays there. The Orthodox Churches have continued to use the pre-Gregorian Julian Calendar, although the Greek Orthodox Church has been using it only for the date of Easter and related festivals. Do look on the Julian Calendar page for these.

There are plans afoot by the Western and Orthodox Churches to move to a new agreed way of reckoning Easter, which would end the practice of two different dates for this most important festival. This would abandon the Gregorian Lunar Calendar in favour of astronomical prediction: the Sunday following the Jerusalem meridian (GMT plus 2h 21m) day of the first full moon after the March equinox. More information about this, and a proposal for Easter to be defined once more as the Sunday after Passover.

Following the Revised Common Lectionary, there is a cycle of three years of Bible readings. The years are lettered A, B and C, and start on Advent Sunday. Year A starts on Advent Sunday in a year divisible by three. Each year provides a semi-continuous reading of one of the synoptic gospels at the Sunday Mass / Eucharist / Service. Year C is the year of St Luke.

Anglican names for the Sundays are used.

Paschal Moon +8 2003 (Year C starts on Advent Sunday)
First Moon
25 November - 23 December 2003

01Tue25 Nov 16Wed10 Dec 
02Wed26 Nov 17Thu11 Dec 
03Thu27 Nov 18Fri12 Dec 
04Fri28 Nov 19Sat13 DecSt Lucia’s Day
05Sat29 Nov 20Sun14 Dec3rd Sunday of Advent
06Sun30 NovAdvent Sunday (Year C),
St Andrew’s Day (Scotland)
21Mon15 Dec 
07Mon01 Dec 22Tue16 Dec 
08Tue02 Dec 23Wed17 Dec 
09Wed03 Dec 24Thu18 Dec 
10Thu04 Dec 25Fri19 Dec 
11Fri05 Dec 26Sat20 Dec 
12Sat06 DecSt Nicholas’ Day27Sun21 Dec4th Sunday of Advent
13Sun07 Dec2nd Sunday of Advent28Mon22 Dec 
14Mon08 DecImmaculate Conception29Tue23 Dec 
15Tue09 Dec     


Paschal Moon +9 2003/04 (Year C)
St John’s Moon
24 December 2003 - 22 January 2004

01Wed24 DecChristmas Eve16Thu08 Jan 
02Thu25 DecChristmas17Fri09 Jan 
03Fri26 DecBoxing Day / St Stephen’s Day18Sat10 Jan 
04Sat27 DecFeast of St John the Evangelist19Sun11 JanBaptism of Christ / 1st Sunday of Epiphany
05Sun28 Dec1st Sunday of Christmas,
Holy Innocents
20Mon12 Jan 
06Mon29 Dec 21Tue13 Jan 
07Tue30 Dec 22Wed14 Jan 
08Wed31 Dec 23Thu15 Jan 
09Thu01 JanMary, Mother of God,
Naming and Circumcision of Jesus
24Fri16 Jan 
10Fri02 Jan 25Sat17 Jan 
11Sat03 Jan 26Sun18 Jan2nd Sunday of Epiphany
12Sun04 Jan2nd Sunday of Christmas27Mon19 Jan 
13Mon05 JanTwelfth Night28Tue20 Jan 
14Tue06 JanEpiphany29Wed21 JanSt Agnes’ Day
15Wed07 Jan 30Thu22 Jan 


Paschal Moon -2 2004 (Year C)
Septuagesima Moon, St Adelaide’s Moon
23 January - 21 February 2004

01Fri23 Jan 16Sat07 Feb 
02Sat24 Jan 17Sun08 Feb3rd Sunday before Lent,
Proper 1
03Sun25 Jan3rd Sunday of Epiphany,
Conversion of St Paul
18Mon09 Feb 
04Mon26 Jan 19Tue10 FebSt Paul’s Shipwreck, Malta
05Tue27 JanSt Dévote’s Day (Monaco)20Wed11 Feb 
06Wed28 Jan 21Thu12 Feb 
07Thu29 Jan 22Fri13 Feb 
08Fri30 Jan 23Sat14 FebSt Valentine’s Day
09Sat31 Jan 24Sun15 Feb2nd Sunday before Lent
10Sun01 Feb4th Sunday of Epiphany,
St Brigit’s Day
25Mon16 Feb 
11Mon02 FebCandlemas26Tue17 Feb 
12Tue03 Feb 27Wed18 Feb 
13Wed04 Feb 28Thu19 Feb 
14Thu05 FebSt Agatha’s Day (San Marino)29Fri20 Feb 
15Fri06 Feb 30Sat21 Feb 


Paschal Moon -1 2004 (Year C)
Lent Moon
22 February - 22 March 2004

01Sun22 FebSunday next before Lent16Mon08 Mar 
02Mon23 FebRosenmontag17Tue09 Mar 
03Tue24 FebMardi Gras18Wed10 Mar 
04Wed25 FebAsh Wednesday19Thu11 Mar 
05Thu26 Feb 20Fri12 Mar 
06Fri27 Feb 21Sat13 Mar 
07Sat28 Feb 22Sun14 Mar3rd Sunday of Lent
08Sun29 Feb1st Sunday of Lent23Mon15 Mar 
09Mon01 MarSt David’s Day (Wales)24Tue16 Mar 
10Tue02 Mar 25Wed17 MarSt Patrick’s Day (Ireland)
11Wed03 Mar 26Thu18 Mar 
12Thu04 Mar 27Fri19 MarSt Joseph’s Day
13Fri05 MarSt Piran’s Day (Cornwall)28Sat20 Mar 
14Sat06 Mar 29Sun21 Mar4th Sunday of Lent / Mothering Sunday
15Sun07 Mar2nd Sunday of Lent30Mon22 Mar 


Paschal Moon 2004 (Year C)
Paschal Moon
23 March - 20 April 2004

01Tue23 Mar 16Wed07 Apr 
02Wed24 Mar 17Thu08 AprMaundy Thursday
03Thu25 MarLady Day / Annunciation18Fri09 AprGood Friday
04Fri26 Mar 19Sat10 AprEaster Eve
05Sat27 Mar 20Sun11 AprEaster
06Sun28 Mar5th Sunday of Lent21Mon12 AprEaster Monday
07Mon29 Mar 22Tue13 Apr 
08Tue30 Mar 23Wed14 Apr 
09Wed31 Mar 24Thu15 Apr 
10Thu01 Apr 25Fri16 Apr 
11Fri02 Apr 26Sat17 Apr 
12Sat03 Apr 27Sun18 Apr2nd Sunday of Easter
13Sun04 AprPalm Sunday28Mon19 Apr 
14Mon05 Apr 29Tue20 Apr 
15Tue06 Apr     


Paschal Moon +1 2004 (Year C)
Rogation Moon, Risen Moon, St Hilary’s Moon
21 April - 20 May 2004

01Wed21 Apr 16Thu06 May 
02Thu22 Apr 17Fri07 MayGeneral Prayer Day, Denmark
03Fri23 AprSt George’s Day (England)18Sat08 May 
04Sat24 Apr 19Sun09 May5th Sunday of Easter
05Sun25 Apr3rd Sunday of Easter,
St Mark’s Day
20Mon10 May 
06Mon26 Apr 21Tue11 May 
07Tue27 Apr 22Wed12 May 
08Wed28 Apr 23Thu13 May 
09Thu29 Apr 24Fri14 MaySt Matthias’ Day
10Fri30 Apr 25Sat15 May 
11Sat01 MayFeast of SS Philip and James26Sun16 May6th Sunday of Easter / Rogation Sunday
12Sun02 May4th Sunday of Easter27Mon17 May 
13Mon03 May 28Tue18 May 
14Tue04 May 29Wed19 May 
15Wed05 May 30Thu20 MayAscension Day


Paschal Moon +2 2004 (Year C)
Pentecost Moon
21 May - 18 June 2004

01Fri21 May 16Sat05 Jun 
02Sat22 May 17Sun06 JunTrinity Sunday
03Sun23 May7th Sunday of Easter18Mon07 Jun 
04Mon24 May 19Tue08 Jun 
05Tue25 May 20Wed09 Jun 
06Wed26 May 21Thu10 JunCorpus Christi
07Thu27 May 22Fri11 JunSt Barnabas’ Day
08Fri28 May 23Sat12 Jun 
09Sat29 May 24Sun13 Jun1st Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 6,
St Anthony’s Day (Lisbon)
10Sun30 MayPentecost25Mon14 Jun 
11Mon31 MayVisitation,
Whit Monday
26Tue15 Jun 
12Tue01 Jun 27Wed16 Jun 
13Wed02 Jun 28Thu17 Jun 
14Thu03 Jun 29Fri18 JunSacred Heart of Jesus
15Fri04 Jun     


Paschal Moon +3 2004 (Year C)
St Thomas’ Moon
19 June - 18 July 2004

01Sat19 JunImmaculate Heart of Mary16Sun04 Jul4th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 9
02Sun20 Jun2nd Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 7
17Mon05 JulFeast of SS Cyril & Methodius (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
03Mon21 Jun 18Tue06 Jul 
04Tue22 Jun 19Wed07 Jul 
05Wed23 Jun 20Thu08 Jul 
06Thu24 JunMidsummer Day / St John’s Day (John the Baptist)21Fri09 Jul 
07Fri25 Jun 22Sat10 Jul 
08Sat26 Jun 23Sun11 Jul5th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 10
09Sun27 Jun3rd Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 8
24Mon12 Jul 
10Mon28 Jun 25Tue13 Jul 
11Tue29 JunFeast of SS Peter and Paul26Wed14 Jul 
12Wed30 Jun 27Thu15 Jul 
13Thu01 Jul 28Fri16 Jul 
14Fri02 Jul 29Sat17 Jul 
15Sat03 JulSt Thomas’ Day30Sun18 Jul6th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 11


Paschal Moon +4 2004 (Year C)
Lammas Moon
19 July - 16 August 2004

01Mon19 Jul 16Tue03 Aug 
02Tue20 Jul 17Wed04 Aug 
03Wed21 Jul 18Thu05 Aug 
04Thu22 JulSt Mary Magdalene’s Day19Fri06 AugTransfiguration
05Fri23 Jul 20Sat07 Aug 
06Sat24 Jul 21Sun08 Aug9th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 14
07Sun25 Jul7th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 12,
St James of Compostela (Spain)
22Mon09 Aug 
08Mon26 Jul 23Tue10 Aug 
09Tue27 Jul 24Wed11 Aug 
10Wed28 Jul 25Thu12 Aug 
11Thu29 Jul 26Fri13 Aug 
12Fri30 Jul 27Sat14 Aug 
13Sat31 Jul 28Sun15 Aug10th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 15,
14Sun01 Aug8th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 13
29Mon16 Aug 
15Mon02 Aug     


Paschal Moon +5 2004 (Year C)
St Aidan’s Moon
17 August - 15 September 2004

01Tue17 Aug 16Wed01 Sep 
02Wed18 Aug 17Thu02 Sep 
03Thu19 Aug 18Fri03 Sep 
04Fri20 Aug 19Sat04 Sep 
05Sat21 Aug 20Sun05 Sep13th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 18
06Sun22 Aug11th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 16
21Mon06 Sep 
07Mon23 Aug 22Tue07 Sep 
08Tue24 AugSt Bartholomew’s Day23Wed08 SepBirth of Mary
09Wed25 Aug 24Thu09 Sep 
10Thu26 Aug 25Fri10 Sep 
11Fri27 Aug 26Sat11 Sep 
12Sat28 Aug 27Sun12 Sep14th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 19
13Sun29 Aug12th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 17
28Mon13 Sep 
14Mon30 Aug 29Tue14 SepHoly Cross Day
15Tue31 Aug 30Wed15 SepOur Lady of Sorrows (Slovakia)


Paschal Moon +6 2004 (Year C)
Michaelmas Moon
16 September - 14 October 2004

01Thu16 Sep 16Fri01 Oct 
02Fri17 Sep 17Sat02 Oct 
03Sat18 Sep 18Sun03 Oct17th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 22
04Sun19 Sep15th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 20
19Mon04 Oct 
05Mon20 Sep 20Tue05 Oct 
06Tue21 SepSt Matthew’s Day21Wed06 Oct 
07Wed22 Sep 22Thu07 Oct 
08Thu23 Sep 23Fri08 Oct 
09Fri24 Sep 24Sat09 Oct 
10Sat25 Sep 25Sun10 Oct18th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 23
11Sun26 Sep16th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 21
26Mon11 Oct 
12Mon27 Sep 27Tue12 Oct 
13Tue28 Sep 28Wed13 Oct 
14Wed29 SepMichaelmas Day29Thu14 Oct 
15Thu30 Sep     


Paschal Moon +7 2004 (Year C)
Last Moon
15 October - 13 November 2004

01Fri15 Oct 16Sat30 Oct 
02Sat16 Oct 17Sun31 Oct4th Sunday before Advent / All Saints Sunday
03Sun17 Oct19th Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 24
18Mon01 NovAll Saints
04Mon18 OctSt Luke’s Day19Tue02 NovAll Souls
05Tue19 Oct 20Wed03 Nov 
06Wed20 Oct 21Thu04 Nov 
07Thu21 Oct 22Fri05 Nov 
08Fri22 Oct 23Sat06 Nov 
09Sat23 Oct 24Sun07 Nov3rd Sunday before Advent
10Sun24 OctLast Sunday after Trinity,
Proper 25
25Mon08 Nov 
11Mon25 Oct 26Tue09 Nov 
12Tue26 Oct 27Wed10 Nov 
13Wed27 Oct 28Thu11 NovMartinmas
14Thu28 OctFeast of SS Simon and Jude29Fri12 Nov 
15Fri29 Oct 30Sat13 Nov 


Paschal Moon +8 2004 (Year A starts on Advent Sunday)
First Moon
14 November - 12 December 2004

01Sun14 Nov2nd Sunday before Advent16Mon29 Nov 
02Mon15 Nov 17Tue30 NovSt Andrew’s Day (Scotland)
03Tue16 Nov 18Wed01 Dec 
04Wed17 Nov 19Thu02 Dec 
05Thu18 Nov 20Fri03 Dec 
06Fri19 Nov 21Sat04 Dec 
07Sat20 Nov 22Sun05 Dec2nd Sunday of Advent
08Sun21 NovChrist the King,
Presentation of Mary
23Mon06 DecSt Nicholas’ Day
09Mon22 Nov 24Tue07 Dec 
10Tue23 Nov 25Wed08 DecImmaculate Conception
11Wed24 Nov 26Thu09 Dec 
12Thu25 Nov 27Fri10 Dec 
13Fri26 Nov 28Sat11 Dec 
14Sat27 Nov 29Sun12 Dec3rd Sunday of Advent
15Sun28 NovAdvent Sunday (Year A)    

updated December 2004