This is the Moonwise newsletter for Yew Moon 2020
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Moonwise newsletter for Yew Moon 2020
Moonwise Calendar and Diaries for 2021
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We have Hanukkah coming up towards the end of this lunar month, and Advent Sunday is just before full moon. Over in the States, Thanksgiving happens on 26 November. All our celebrations will necessarily be reduced this year, but I hope you find ways ways of making them meaningful for you.

We can also look forward in hope to 2021, and know that whatever happens, it'll be different! There are of course some signs for optimism. Vaccinations will start against Covid-19, Trump will stop being US president, and here in the UK the government is showing signs of wanting our recovery to be a green one; let's try to hold them to that, and make it meaningful. By the end of Yew Moon, we may even know whether there is to be a Brexit deal. 

Up in the night sky, as seen from our northern lands, Jupiter and Saturn are growing ever closer in the south-west. Look for them when the sky is dark: Jupiter is quite a bit brighter than Saturn. The new crescent moon is nearby on Thursday evening (19 Nov). Round to the south is the still bright Mars.

Yew is the tree of death and continuing life. It lives to a very great age, and can even propagate its own seed in its decaying trunk, thus making possible a sort of immortality. Yews are frequently found planted in graveyards, and its branches were often carried in funeral processions. Sprigs of yew are cast in graves, and in Brittany it is said that the roots of a graveyard yew will grow into the mouth of each person buried there. In a Chinese custom, trees are planted on graves to strengthen the soul of the dead person. In northern England a yew branch was used to seek out lost property, and the Scottish fiery cross used to summon the clans was of yew. The wood is used for magic wands, weapons and, in Ireland, for croziers and reliquaries. Yew wands are inscribed with ogham and runes, and yew is the name of one of the runic letters. It is the only British tree to keep its Celtic name in English.

from the 1998 calendar

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