This is the Moonwise newsletter for Willow Moon 2020
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Moonwise newsletter for Willow Moon 2020
Hello to you all at this very difficult time. I hope you’re all keeping well and safe.

The equinox has happened, and up here in the northern hemisphere we now have more light than dark for the next six months. I hope the virus will be contained enough for us to enjoy it out there later on.

In the meantime, there is some interesting sky-watching news. It is *possible* that there will be a comet visible to the naked eye in the northwestern sky after dark from about full moon next month (7 May). Look out for updates on While it's still Willow Moon, scroll down to see the sky for Hawthorn Moon below.

Venus carries on being very bright in the evening sky this month, and indeed, if the comet does get bright next month, it will be lovely to see both in the sky together. The comet is likely to look much bigger and fuzzier than the planet, and probably a lot less bright. We don’t yet know how much of a tail there will be.

On 3 April, Venus passes in front of the Pleiades, and if you are able to look at it through binoculars once the sky is dark, it should be a beautiful sight.

Over in the night and morning sky, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are close to one another.

I hope you can find a way to view it all safely.

Willow is the tree of the death goddess of the dark moon. Use it in death ceremonies, and in healing: the bark contains aspirin. Willow is often found near water; plant it along rivers to conserve the banks. Pollard it every three to five years for a rich harvest of wood for fences, hurdles and for burning: cut it off at about 2m above the ground, and new shoots grow rapidly, out of reach of cattle. White willow and crack willow are native to Europe.

from the 1998 calendar

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