This is the Moonwise newsletter for Vine Moon 2020
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Moonwise newsletter for Vine Moon 2020
The new calendars and diaries will be back from the printers very soon!
If you order before the end of September, you’ll get the early bird discounts.
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The new calendar features more of Jane Bottomley's wonderful art, exploring nature and the festivals. The Britain & Ireland diary has more wonderful artwork and poems from Rosa Davis, Jane Deakin, Lynne P Emmerson and Jonathan How. The Cornwall diary has photos and collages of places of beauty and historical interest. It also features a new-style cover. If you are a lover of the diary, do let me know whether you’d like a future Britain & Ireland version to have a similar map of our islands, with the six rise and set places shown.

We are using a new, simple time zone notation to show the number of hours after GMT. This is partly because of uncertainty over future clock changes, but it should also help use elsewhere in the world.

Happy Equinox for Tuesday! This autumn may unfortunately prove to be another difficult time for us all, and I hope you will all keep yourselves and your loved ones safe. Unfortunately, I caught the virus in mid-April, and had the ‘second week of hell’, narrowly avoiding going into hospital. I survived, but it seems there may be some long-term – perhaps permanent – damage.

In some good news, early in September I was made a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh, in recognition for my learning and teaching of the language, as well as my other roles, such as reading the BBC News in Cornish, and my work on various publications, including the diary!
My bardic name is Dragon Wyrdh, which means Green Dragon.
It represents my Irish and Welsh ancestry, along with my politics and spirituality.

Gorsedh Kernow, set up in 1928, has close links with our sister organisations in Brittany and Wales. For more information, see
There are lots of bright planets in the sky this lunar month. Most prominent is Mars, which comes closest to Earth on 6 October, the closest until 2035. It rises around sunset and sets around sunrise. In the morning sky is bright Venus, and in the evening are Jupiter and Saturn, drawing closer together.

Vine is the symbol of harvest and joy, pleasure and lust, exhilaration and wrath. The Mediterranean orgiastic Bacchanalia was held in honour of the wine god Bacchus / Dionysos, god of wine, drama and ecstasy. The vine was brought to Britain by the Belgic Celts before the Roman occupation. So far, it has flourished only in southern Britain, and its place in British and Irish celebrations may be taken by the bramble.

from the 1998 calendar

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