This is the Moonwise newsletter for Yew Moon 2017.
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Moonwise newsletter for Yew Moon
Well, it isn't a great picture, but this was what I saw on the morning of 13 November, about forty minutes before sunrise. You may just be able to see faint Jupiter just below and to the right of Venus. Luckily, it was a lovely morning to be out. I lay on the huge rocks that protect our railway line from the sea, and watched first the planets and then the sun rise. Well above and to the right was a beautiful old crescent moon, and the earthlight was obvious on its night side.

This coming month, the best morning for sky watching looks like being 14 December. The Geminid meteors should be at their peak maybe around 2am or 3am. Between then and about 5am, depending on where you are, you will be able to see first Mars rise, then the old crescent moon, then bright Jupiter. Let's hope for another clear night!
Thank you, everyone, who has bought the 2018 calendars and diaries already. For those of you who haven't yet, we're keeping the special deals going. If you buy three calendars and three diaries, for instance, you save as much as £12.

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Festival-wise this lunar month, at least here in Europe, we have Hanukkah in the last week, and the run up to the Solstice and Christmas, of course. But don't worry yet: you still have plenty of time to order your calendars and diaries!

In the mean time, I'm just finishing editing and typesetting a young people's novel written by one of my long-term diary contributors. It's not available to buy yet, but if it is by the time of the next newsletter, I'll let you know.

I'll be bringing out the Birch Moon newsletter a few days early, but that's it for now. Have a good month!

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It is better for me, and cheaper for you, if you buy your calendars and diaries from Edge of Time. A small amount of money also goes to charity, via our payment portal Charity Clear. But I know some of you prefer to buy from Amazon, because it so well-known. The links are shown above.

If you want, you can also order them from your local bookshop, especially as the calendar now has an ISBN for the first time. Here are the ISBNs for the 2018 calendars and diaries:
Moonwise Calendar 978-1-911521-13-6
Moonwise Diary for Britain & Ireland 978-1-911521-14-3
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