This is the Moonwise newsletter for Birch Moon 2017-18.
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Moonwise newsletter for Birch Moon
Portheras Cove
Portheras Cove, Penwith, Cornwall, UK
Porth Erys, Pennwydh, Kernow, Ruvaneth Unys
Greetings to you all. Happy Hanukkah!

I'm bringing this newsletter out a few days early, to give those of you who haven’t yet brought the Moonwise Calendar and Diary a last chance to order them before the Solstice and Christmas.

Yesterday morning, I went over to Morvah to help someone with his e-mail.
As he wasn't quite ready, I walked down to the beach, where I took that picture. What I didn’t manage to capture was the extraordinary colour of the tops of some of the waves. It was as if they were being lit by pale emeralds.

Sticking out into the Atlantic as we are, we’ve escaped the snow and ice that's affected much of Britain, Ireland and nearby lands, but we’ve certainly had our share of wind and rain!

If you like seeing the planets, wait for a clear early morning towards the end of the lunar month, and you will see Jupiter and Mars near one other. They are closest on 7 January. About an hour before sunrise, if you look from Jupiter and Mars towards where the sun will rise, you should be able to see Mercury.

Thank you, everyone, who has bought the 2018 calendars and diaries already. In case you haven’t yet, or want to buy more for last-minute presents, now is your chance!

Order them from Edge of Time here.

As I know some of you prefer to, you can also order them from Amazon:
Moonwise Calendar,
Moonwise Diary for Britain & Ireland and
Moonwise Diary for Cornwall / Dydhlyver Furlorel rag Kernow

Note that we’re down to the last handful of copies of the Cornwall diary, so if you want one, don’t delay!

Here is the book I’ve been typesetting and editing. If you’ve bought a Moonwise Diary in recent years, you’ll recognise the author as the contributor of many of the brilliant poems.

The book is a fantasy novel aimed at teenagers and young adults, but even the young at heart, such as myself, can enjoy it. In the story, Hannah meets her guardian angel, and has a whole unexpected realm of reality opened to her. It is very beautiful and life-affirming. You can order the book now at

We’re hoping for some copies from the printer by the end of next week.

It has been a great privilege to help bring Lynne’s novel to physical reality.
If you are interested in me doing the same thing for something you’ve written, please let me know, and I can tell you more about the process. Perhaps your book can appear in this newsletter in the months to come!

In the meantime, have a very happy Solstice, Christmas and New Year.

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It is better for me, and cheaper for you, if you buy your calendars and diaries from Edge of Time. A small amount of money also goes to charity, via our payment portal Charity Clear. But I know some of you prefer to buy from Amazon, because it so well-known. The links are shown above.

If you want, you can also order them from your local bookshop, especially as the calendar now has an ISBN for the first time. Here are the ISBNs for the 2018 calendars and diaries:
Moonwise Calendar 978-1-911521-13-6
Moonwise Diary for Britain & Ireland 978-1-911521-14-3
Moonwise Diary for Cornwall / Dydhlyver Furlorel rag Kernow 978-1-911521-15-0

Please do make comments on our Facebook page, and share what you think of the calendar and diary on social media. The more people who buy them, the longer these calendars and diaries can go on.